Digital Timer

  • 24-240VAC~; 24-240VDC Supply Voltage

  • CE & CULUS

  • 3-digit 7-segment LCD



Control OutputTime-limit SPDT (1c): 1/ Instantaneous SPDT (1c): 1
Display Method3-digit 7-segment LCD
Supply Voltage24-240VAC~; 24-240VDC
Terminal8-pin plug
WeightApprox. 105g
Signal Input MethodN/A
Operating MethodCount up; Count down
Output OperationPOWER ON DELAY
Time OperationPOWER ON DELAY
CertificationCE & CULUS
Setting range0.01s to 9.99s/ 0.1s to 99.9s/ 1s to 999s/ 0.1m to 99.9m/ 1m to 999m/ 0.1h to 99.9h/ 1h to 999h/ 10h to 9990h/ 0m 01s to 9m 59s/ 0h 01m to 9h 59m
Environment_Ambient humidity35 to 85% RH.
Environment_Ambient temperature-10 to 55℃. storage: -25 to 65℃

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