Stepper Motor Driver

  • 24-35VDC Power Supply

  • 1-axis

  • CE



Operation methodUnipolar constant current drive
Applied Motor2-phase stepper motor
ResolutionIntelligent type
Max. Run Current2A/Phase
Power Supply24-35VDC
Max. Current Consumption3A
Number Of Axes 1-axis
Input pulse characteristic_pulse widthN/A
Input pulse characteristic_Duty RateN/A
Input pulse characteristic_Rising/Falling timeN/A
Input pulse characteristic_Pulse input voltageN/A
Input pulse characteristic_pulse input currentN/A
Input pulse characteristic_Max. input pulse freqN/A
Ambient temperature0 to 50℃; storage: -10 to 60℃
Ambient humidity35 to 85% RH; storage: 35 to 85% RH

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