Pulse Voltage Converter

  • High/Low peak input monitoring

  • Displays input type and unit on display part

  • Various outputs



Input Type RTDJPt100Ω. DPt100Ω. DPt50Ω. Cu50Ω. Cu100Ω (5 types)
Input Type TCK. J. E. T. R. B. S. N. C (W5). L. U. PLII (12 types)
Input Type Analog Voltage: -50.0-50.0mV/ -199.9-200.0mV/ -1.000-1.000V/ -1.00-10.00V
· Current: 4.00-20.00mA; 0.00-20.00mA (2 types)
Input Type Alarm Output
Output Type Trasmission Output0-10VDC (adjustable output range) load resistance min. 10kΩ (accuracy: ±0.3 F.S/ resolutions: 8000)
Sampling CycleAnalog input: 100ms; temperature sensor input: 250ms
Supply Voltage100-240VAC~50/60Hz
Environment_Ambient temperature-10 to 50℃. storage: -20 to 60℃
Environment_Ambient humidity35 to 85% RH. storage: 35 to 85% RH
WeightApprox. 301g Packaged (approx. 160g Unit)

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