Power Controller

  • High speed and high accuracy by digital control using high speed CPU

  • Improved maintainability with built-in fast-acting fuse and easy fuse replacement



Number of phase3-phase
Power supply440V
Output rangePhase control: 0 to 98% Z.C. control: 0 to 100%
Control Method Phase control: Normal control(Non-Feedback) static voltage/static current/static power control(Feedback)
Cycle control (Z.C.): Fixed cycle control/ Variable cycle control
ON/OFF control (Z.C.)
Load Phase control: resistance load. inductive load
ON/OFF. Cycle control: resistance load
Power ConsumptionMax. 10W (except FAN operation power)
Control Input Auto: 4-20mA / 0-20mA / 0-5VDC / 1-5VDC / 0-10VDC / voltage pulse (0/12VDC ) / no-voltage input (ON/OFF) / Communication input (RS485)
Manual: inside 10kΩ VR. outside 3 to 10kΩ VR (min. 2W)
Rated Current Capacity120A
OptionRemote Display Unit
Environment_Ambient temperature-10 to 50℃. storage: 20 to 80℃
Environment_Ambient humidity5~90%RH

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