Power Controller

  • Easy installation with mounting brackets

  • Easy fuse replacement and maintenance

  • High performance SCR (IXYS) diode



Number of phase3-phase
Power supply100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz
Output rangePhase control: 0 to 98%. Cycle control: 0 to 100%. ON/OFF control: 0%. 100%
Control Method Phase control: normal control mode. constant current/constant voltage/constant power feedback control mode
Cycle control: fixed cycle control mode
ON/OFF control
Load Phase control. ON/OFF control: resistance load. inductive load
Cycle control: resistance load
Power ConsumptionMax. 32VA
Rated Current Capacity
Environment_Ambient temperature-10 to 55℃. storage: -20 to 80℃
Environment_Ambient humidity35 to 85% RH. storage: 35 to 85% RH
WeightApprox. 9.7kg(approx. 8.7kg)
Function Output limit(OUT ADJ).AUTO/MAN selection.control method selection.RESET.SOFT START.SOFT UP/DOWN.output high/low limit.input correction.input slope correction
monitoring(control input.load voltage/current/power/resistance.power supply frequency)
Cooling MethodForced air cooling (with the cooling fan)
Accescories11-pin connector; isolating barrier: 4
Digital InputsRUN/STOP switching. AUTO/MAN switching. RESET
Output Alarm250VAC~ 3A. 30VDC 3A. 1c resistive load
Output Accuracy Normal control: within ±10% F.S. of rated load voltage
Constant current feedback control: within ±3% F.S. of rated load current
Constant voltage feedback control: within ±3% F.S. of rated load voltage
Constant power feedback control: within ±3% F.S. of rated load power
Function AlarmOvercurrent alarm. overvoltage alarm. fuse break alarm. SCR error alarm. heater break alarm. heatsink overheat alarm
Setting typeBy front keys. By communication
Min. Load Current1A
Display Method3-digit 7-segment LED
Output Communication

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